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About Overdrive


Overdrive is born from passion. Founders Adrian and Lee Brooks are the father and son team responsible for Production Park – a community of studios, businesses and educational facilities working together to create live experiences and events. It's a beacon of industry in the north of England.

Their extensive collection of classic and performance cars – from E-Type to Mk1 Golf GTi – led them to meet automotive engineer Alex Hearnden and together they formed Overdrive Club.

The Yorkshire Rendezvous is just the start. A full calendar of events is planned for 2022, ranging from single day UK destinations to fully catered week-long European tours. A unique digital membership is also being developed, empowering members to find diverse and interesting new routes to enjoy in their cars.

For more details on the plans for Overdrive contact Alex via alex@overdriveclub.co.uk or on 01977 801102.