Who can join the club?

The Overdrive Club is open to anyone with a passion for motor vehicles, regardless of age or walk of life. Overdrive Club aims to be a truly inclusive club, uniting and bringing people together over their love for all thing’s petrol powered. Providing you have a driving license you are able to join the club.

What cars are eligible?

We differ from other high end car clubs by not setting an entry criteria. We believe that if you’re truly passionate about the car you drive, then you shouldn’t be turned away from events simply because it doesn’t carry a high enough price tag.

How much does it cost, and how do I pay?

You can purchase an annual membership to the Overdrive Club in two ways; Monthly membership fee of £40 a month inc VAT or a one-off payment of £400 inc VAT. The membership is valid for 12 months. 

The average classic car owner spends £189 a year on event tickets, and £259 on food and accommodation to attend events. When it is considered that almost all OC events tend to include catering, and with a calendar featuring at least one event a month (subject to covid restrictions)  Overdrive Club membership is good value, especially when considering the welcome pack alone is valued at £180 RRP.

What’s included in the welcome pack?

The branded welcome pack is jam-packed with Overdrive Club goodies and partner gifts. The branded Musto backpack contains an Overdrive Club car sticker and keyring (you’ll need these to get into events) a branded umbrella, a bottle of award winning Dartmouth Gin and Autoglym car care products. 

How many events can I attend?

We strongly encourage you to come along to as many events as you can! The majority of Overdrive Club events are free to its members, so the more you attend the better value your membership is. We challenge you to attend them all!

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely. Any Overdrive Club member is more than welcome to bring a plus one in their vehicle to any event, we just ask that you notify us by email with your guest’s name, phone number and any dietary requirements ahead of attending. This is for track and trace purposes and to manage event capacities accordingly. Please email alex@overdriveclub.co.uk

Do I have to sign up to take part in an event?

Yes please. Despite the fact that the majority of events are free for members, it’s important for us to manage attendee numbers so we can make sure the event isn’t oversubscribed. We will also need to know of any dietary requirements so the chefs know how many bacon sandwiches to churn out! While the website booking system is implemented, we ask all members to email alex@overdriveclub.co.uk to confirm their attendance with the necessary information. 

Can I take part if I’m not a member?

There will be a small amount of ticketed events held throughout the year that are open to non-members to purchase. These will be detailed on the website once available.


What do I need on tour?

You’ll need to bring enough clothes and toiletries for the week (you can send these with the cars to save time at the airport), a passport and some means of putting fuel in your car. If you want, you’re welcome to give us some spare parts to put in the support van if you’re particularly worried about your car. Other than that, we operate on a “Just Add Fuel” policy, meaning that all meals and accommodation are arranged and paid for within the tour cost.

What are the vehicle requirements?
There are, strictly speaking, no specific requirements for a car on one of our tours, but it is worth noting that different tours are geared towards different vehicles and driver habits – have a good look at the itineraries and driving times of each tour. We do request that classics are given a thorough health check before the event – engines get a hammering going up mountains, and brakes suffer punishment on the way down, so it’s vital that your car is in good health. Please get in contact with us if you want pointers, advice or want to talk it through with us.
What happens if I break down?

We’ve all been there, whether in a sixty-year old classic or a brand new supercar, stranded at the side of the road with the challenging task of getting yourself, and the car, back home. Fortunately with the logistic support of Overdrive Club that is no longer the major issue it would have been if you had driven out from the UK. Our on-tour support technician will try and get you going again, but if this is sadly not possible we simply recover your car to the truck rendezvous point, and either fly you back home early or arrange a hire car for you to finish the trip. With this in mind, there is peace of mind in participating in an Overdrive Club tour.

How is my car transported for a tour?
The tour price includes our basic transport package: this involves dropping your car off at either our HQ in the north at Production Park, or at one of the southern locations we have access to. We can help you make this process more seamless, with options to collect your car from your house, and even arrange transport from your home to the airport and back again on your return. Please get in touch for a personalised quote that will suit you best. All customer cars are loaded onto one of two covered six car vehicle transporters and are looked after by experienced vehicle handlers to give you the peace of mind you need when on holiday.
Is my money protected?

Yes. We’re currently going through the PTS and ATOL protection scheme, meaning that if anything happens that results in a tour being cancelled, or an airline goes bankrupt, your money is safe. We conform to the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992, meaning that you can relax when you’re on tour with us.

Full Terms and Conditions will be available upon booking.